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Protests at the Malian Embassy, Berlin January 31, 2017

Malian Embassy Berlin January 31, 2017 – About Migration and Development. from Mehr Filme zu Culture of Deportation on Vimeo.

ici le reportage en français-bambara
According to the German-EU doctrine about migration policies the only ones entitled to cross the deadly European borders are the people in need of international protection according to 1951 Geneva Convention. A full panoply of measures are in charge to transform the economic migration in a criminal issue.
On the internal level, according to this doctrine, since more than three decades, hundreds of thousands of migrants who succeeded to arrive to Germany. Forced to apply for asylum because of the lack of any other legal way, blocked under prohibition to work or study, are condemned to live out of miserable state allowances for up to 20 years. They are pointed out for the hatred of the German general public as abusing asylum until the moment the German foreign authority is able to purchase in different ways a travel certificate to implement the deportation.
This is what is happening on the ground long time before 2015. The exceptional situation created among others by the arrival of people fleeing from Syrian war was only boosting the agenda of Germany-EU-Africa readmission’s agreements, with the current attempt to perform the massive repatriation of all rejected asylum seekers. Instead of giving rights to different forms of mobility, this Europe is ready to invest a disproportionate amount of resources and violence to force the reality into own patterns, transforming people who are looking for a job into criminals, the ones who would go back home after building something useful for their people at home and for own life .